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Dave Loebsack Fights for Everyday Iowans

Dave knows that we must build things in America again and is working to bring good-paying jobs to Iowa that cannot be shipped overseas.

Dave Loebsack Stands Up For What's Right

Dave knows that we must ensure that our children have the same opportunities that he did growing up.

Dave Loebsack Stands Up For Main Street

Dave will always stand up for what's right. Dave will always fight for Iowa's families, small businesses, and farmers.

Dave Stands Up for Seniors

Dave grew up in poverty and knows firsthand the difference Social Security and Medicare can make. He will always fight to preserve these programs.

Dave and Terry

Dave and Terry are the proud parents of four grown children and two grandchildren.

July 8, 2014

Editorial: No secrets (Burlington Hawkeye)

"What the Ethics Committee did wasn't very ethical, or in the best interest of the taxpaying public.

"It's good to know there are some people representing us in Congress who understand that, and will do something about it.

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June 18, 2014

Blog For Iowa: Iowa Still Likes Dave Loebsack

Blog for Iowa is in the bag for Dave Loebsack. We will work to get him re-elected, donate to his campaign, and point out the positive things he is doing. While the corporate media focuses their spotlight on the antics of a dithering Republican Party, we will focus on Loebsack’s good work for Iowans.

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